Nice to know plod arent all bad

Thought this may be of interest, never knew him but underlines the cameradery of the biker’s world

Great number plate on the hearse… ‘FFS’

When i die i would love to have a send off like that.


But ditch ffs for this



Brings a tear to the eye - yeah I’d love to go out like that -the busa hearse would be the icing on the cake - wiv me lid on the top of the coffin - hope this doesn’t happen for a very long while yet for me or any of you other folks! ;):slight_smile:

I’m sure i saw something somewhere that the guy with the motorcycle hearse will give the unfortunate passenger one last ton up blast!

Nice vid, great send off.

Oh and thanks for saying we’re not all bad … suppose I could title the next thread “nice to know bikers aren’t all bad” :rolleyes:

Lump in the throat stuff – what a fantastic send off!