nice things about White Van Drivers...

…they are highly visible

There was this one day I was on my way to work - but it has only been one day this has happened - and nearly every van going in my direction who had stopped in traffic had noticed I was coming up the outside and signalled to show they were either letting someone out, signalled to let me know it was safe for me to continue ot made sure they all moved over slightly so I could pass especially when I was filtering between two static lanes of traffic. Hasn’t happened since though. I’ve also noticed when I pull up beside a van at traffic lights they gaupe as if they’ve never seen a girl on a bike before.



…and colorful

I was the first vehicle turning out of Albert Embankment under the railway lines at Vauxhal lyesterday. As I came round the bend, at some speed I saw the road underneath was completly clear except for a statioanry white van in the middle of the four lanes with a door open.

My first reaction was that it had broken down so blew my horn mainly as a warning to the vehicles yet to turn behind me that there was a hazard ahead. I was kind of surprised that flying out of the door came a man who ran full pelt for the edge of the tunnel two lanes away. Shame there is no pedestrian fooway there. The van then just drove off! WVDs can’t even drop off passengers somewhere sensible!

Giuliano, this thread is all about saying nice things about WVDs, what you should have said is: This WVD was so nice he even came to a complete stop, before tossing his passenger out.

Only nice things, please…

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