Nice route to cornwall from SE london

Im going to Cornwall Friday afternoon and want to avoid the motorways.
Looking at a map I’m thinking
Swing over to A3
A31 then nip up to A303
finally use the A30
Any other fun suggestions?
Final destination is Truro


Never ridden this route (always in the car) but we’re back and forth to cornwall all the time and we always go the same way…

We start in Waltham Abbey so…

M25 to M3 (junction 12)

M3 to A303 (junction 8?)

A303 turns into A30 before you get Exeter.

Join the M5 for 5 mins, then back onto the A30 towards Okehampton.

The A30 will more or less lead you all the way to Truro me thinks, but if you want to make it abit more scenic, take the A395 off of the A30, follow the road all the way to the end (about 25 mins) then turn left at the t-junction on to the A39… That will lead you along the coast through all the towns / villages and eventually on to Truro…

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It’s a good run, but allow yourself plenty of time though.

Check out this link…:slight_smile:

Thanks guys, some nice ideas. I will probably leave around 12 and don’t have to be in cornwall until 6 so can take take the ‘slow route’ and have some fun! ( I’m having to go to some wedding so no fun for me as a divorced bitter old ******!) I’m really not a fan of motorways. Sometimes they make sense. As an example going through northern France is DULL DULL DUL. Get it over quick and then spend some time doing some nice twisty roads.

a little bit further round but very nice on a bike , head down the M3 towards wincester and romsey then the A31 / A35 to dorcester , lyme regis and onto exeter along the coast road …lovley …