nice drz

at least it’s the correct tools for his gardening hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

nice bike though

Don’t look like it’s ever been used!

ur not wrong there haha

nice but i think exhausts would look better under rear fender:)

Jaime that would make you pee every 5 secs…

Ah gimme strength… I really really really really want one - hopefully in 3 months I’ll have it :slight_smile:

Not so. My first EVER ride was a wr125cc to get used to the gears (20 minutes) then I was put on a WR426 and proceeded to promptly Shart my self :P:D

Mind you, 1 hour on a bike and I pulled a monster wheelie! (not on purpose!):w00t:

Lets have it right here. If history is anything to go by the DRZ is HEAVY, SLOW and flat as a pancake.

Sticking a pair of rocket launchers on it ain’t gonna make it go any faster than say a standard Yamaha WR (Which will make a DRZ look like its going backwards)

Talking of backwards. Why would anyone who is on this planet send a Drizzle up to dream machine for a paint job? :w00t:

Its crazy :w00t: He has spent 900 notes on a ugly girlie paint job :slight_smile:

I think it looks better in the standard yellow anyway…haa ha and as Mad Dog said them pipes need to be out the way…Looks like something from back to the future…

According to the listing he’s also spent £120 on an £8 optimiser permanent connection lead & socket. :smiley:

i think if you jacked the rear up a bit so it was higher that the front the drz would look much more aggresive

2 cents

Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t buy THAT one… above my budget!

But for some reason I like the DRZ… though will be asking for advice when and if I manage to raise the cash to buy a moto… :slight_smile:

I now someone selling one cheap (he’s bought a new bike and it’s taking up the space he has)

DRZ400S 54-plate for sale. £1500ono.

Let me know if you want more details.

That’ll be me :slight_smile: It’s provisionally sold, but if it falls through I’ll drop a post here :cool:

well done congrats :slight_smile:

Not in the market for one atm… waiting to get settled in Epsom once I find a flat and move there! So hopefully in 3 months I’ll be ready to buy…

hes spent £3620 on that bike:ermm::rolleyes: