Nice ar$e

On my way to work yesterday, usual route but later than usual, I overtook another biker (may have been a Kwak ER6, not sure) and he caught up with me again at the next junction. He leaned across and said, “I’m not sure whether I’ve seen you before but that’s the nicest ar$e I’ve ever seen on a bike.”

I think he was admiring the back of the bike rather than the back of me but then the lights changed and I didn’t stick around to find out. Gave me a chuckle. I wonder if he thought he should have phrased it differently, on reflection.

Bike: Triumph Sprint ST, standard triple pipes, tail tidy, compact reg plate :wink:

Me: old bloke in ill-fitting leather strides.

I’ve been told that before, but I know that it is not the bike:)

Must be the bike Count! The ST triple exhaust does look very nice from behind, not that I see that view very often though… Better than my RS side exhaust. I’ve considered the underseat Trident conversion, but my wife would neuter me if I spent money on that…

lol you sure it wasnt westie?:stuck_out_tongue:

I do believe that you just pulled!

At my age, whoever it was that said it, i would DEFINITELY bank it as a compliment!!!:smiley:

I don’t blame you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been told I am an arse. Is that the same thing?

Well at least you have something for the weekend:laugh: