Nextbase motorbike dashcam

I like the sound of the specs, especially that it locks the recording after a crash. 


that is one fugly camera

the reviews are average

You can always feel better and spend way more for the same things in Halfords and it is on sale too!!

I use my contour roam HD helmet camera. Has done me fine for a good couple of years and is still working fine.

i just ordered one , as i ride all day long  , my garmin only lasts 3hrs max on battery , so the power from bike sold it  for me., 

The Innov can be hard wired too

And it’s both front and rear cameras

This  is just one review but it doesn’t sound good.

I have the camera in my car and its great

This was in my van. skip to 02:25 in where it starts. Blu car being chased by a pickup which led to a punch up in the outside lane on the A2 Blackwall tunnel approach.

looks alright to me