Next stop TT

Went out for a good run today and managed something I’ve only ever done before at Cadwell Park on the mountain. Got some sweet air. Looked like something out of the TT it did, flew quite a ways.

There is a humpback bridge type thingy between Buck Barn and Billlingshurst in Sussex (sorry don’t do road names/numbers). Anyway got a clear run at it earlier and ahem at a good speed the old SuperDuke did a Eddie Kidd. Touched down nice too with just a slight shimmy.

Gonna have to try that again :smiley: :smiley:

Anyone else joined the airborne whilst road riding?

Just back from the TT which results in good 2up air at Ballaugh Bridge every lap for some strange reason :smiley:

Ang even got a pic for us :cool: