News Tags

Just a minor gripe of mine.

I’ve noticed there have been a few news items filed under the wrong tags.

An example is that half the Enduro stories are under the “Endurance” tag and half are in the “Off Road” tag.

There is also an Australian Superbike story filed under “Endurance”

If you have a specific interest it does make life a bit harder to find the items you want.:cool:

You’re right, those are mis-tags. I’ll bring it to the attention of our editor, cheers, and sorry!

Well spotted…all fixed now!! :wink:

You are so picky :smiley:

Picky maybe, but at the end of the day any feedback is worth listening to, and especially if we’ve done something that is wrong, because at the end of the day mistakes can be made…we’re only robots in human bodies!! :D:D

Need input!

You can call me picky if you like Mr GSX:PThe truth is, when I read about my favourite kind of racing I don’t want to read all about grubby tarts covered in mud, unlike you;):smiley:

And whats wrong with grubby tarts mud wrestling ? just offputting if I spot ex-wife doing it :smiley: