Newish From Maldon

Hi im new to this site but on & off I’ve been traveling into London since errrrrrrrrrrrrrr 1983 on a DT50 now im all grown up (ish) im on A Triumph Daytona 955i I travel down From Maldon ( in Essex for those that cant spell) to Kings Cross its the A12 for me all the way until the Olympic park then through the twistys opps I mean back roads to Old Street then you no the rest

here’s a good question what happened to the courteous riding in London im constantly being cutup or however you wanna put it by scooters & large bikes not to mention push bikes which is another whole story in its self.

I would like to say I like to get into work in one piece without having watchout for other bikers & there’s nothing better than getting home to my other half please don’t try to spoil it

I have a bike that can get a fair lickon & I do have a bit of fun every now & again but I also never pressure other bikers to get out of my way as

1: i have a faster bike

2; bigger balls

3: no brain

delete where applicable

Hi and welcome!


Welcome to the sight mate!

Hi welcome

Also welcome to London riding… They are all out to kill you.