Newest London Biker Grin factor 100%

Here’s the newest London Biker be nice if you come across him he’s still on the bounce away stage but getting there, this was his first trip LOL!

He’s had a great week 17th Birthday Tues, had his final assessment with the Army and passed and new bike Saturday

(Herald Mutt 125cc)



Cool lookin’ bike that!

love the look of the Heralds. congrats to him!

Cool lookin' bike that!
This. Pass on my congratulations!

Congrats! Is that in Enfield?

Welcome and congratulations!

Yes it is

Haha thought so, it’s just round the corner from my parents, used to go down that road every day!

Has no one spotted the thief in the second photo!

So unafraid they are checking it out while the rider has a photo taken!!

Lol that’s his dad after running down the road yelling for him to change gear he spent the rest of Sat night trying not have a coronary.

Chuffed to the max in the second picture.

Belated birthday wishes to ya soldier.

Hehe fair play smile on his face says it all. Welcome to the club

Welcome, I’m proper liking the style of the Herald Mutt. What was the sales team thinking of when they called it Mutt?

First photo head up and eyes front, the Mutt will mostly go where you’re looking.

Happy days

edit - goggles or a visor might be a plan

Oh he’s got the lot goggles, chequered scarf but he was to eager to go out on it to stop and put them on