well were shall i start my names jay i am 29 and have only been riding a year i am currently on a 1989 tzr125 2rk yes L plates i found out about this site on Saturday afternoon when a crazy bugger on a black and blue 2 stroke dunno wot bike it was it looked a bit modded but it was a nippy bugger!! i had problems keeping up with it! down the a4 you was in black leathers black lid and visor and had a tank bag on Ur bike with a london bikers sticker on you lid that’s how i found out about this site and he turned off towards ealing who ever you was thumbs up to you!! good to see a old stroker on the road:D your a crazy rider… any way hope to meet some off you soon bye for now jay:D

p.s crazy 2t rider wot have you done to that bike 2 make it go so fast!!


that would off been me jay iam not crazy iam just nutty:D and is a 1990 rg gamma i aint done nowt to it honist one word WISCO:cool: oh and welcome

lool you nutty git Dan!! hat off to you mate you certainly now how to ride the bugger!! i take it you have bored it up etc and do i need 2 ask if its full power model;) mini Barry sheen ah (rg) so come on tell me wot you have done:Dp.s try keep ya front end down you show off;)

lol na that would be telling:P and i was just playing mate ill keep my front end down when hell freezes over:cool: ps did that speed cam flash me as we was both doing a tad over the limit YER I NO A TAD LOOL:w00t: if you fancie a rematch? same time nxt week lool:hehe:

lol it’s OK mate no point Ur bike 2 fast for mine. and i never see it flash… i was very impressed when you went round that round about reminded me off speed way bikes how they go round you had ur back end 1 way and the front end the other way was mental!!! and i see sparks!!!

so dan were did you learn to ride like that?? i have always wanted to try that stuff but never had the balls to:blush:

well it started when i was 9 off road and i did my 1st wheelie by time i was 10 it just come 2 me over the years i used to do a lot off off road riding mx and then at 14 i moved on to the road and meet stunters etc who helped me do the **** by time i was 17 i was a courier round london for 2 years learned a lot doing that riding around town like a nut all i no is bikes born and bred round em. if u want come down friday nights to wicks car park in chalton other side off black wall tunnel ill show you a trick or to if u want?? THERES ONLY 2 NUTTERS AND THE OTHER ONE PAST AWAY A FEW MONTHS AGO IN A BIKE ACCIDENT R.I.P JOE;)

they only way to do it is to get a shitter like mine and grow some balls like mine:P

Welcome to LB Jay :slight_smile:

ah ok long time then! omfg! Joe from box hill!!! i new him i went to his funeral thought i recognized ya pic! u was up front on the black zx12r in a back patch??? with the other presidents


yep that would be me mate:D chers for comming! yer i was there when he crashed not nice!

np prob mate he was a gd mate! did they find out how he come off??

i no how he come off i was there. he got a crazy tank slapper at about 120mph and he paniced hit the rear brake locked the back end up and it spat him off etc.

oh ****!!! so you was the biker that tryed to save him if so good on you! you tried!

yer:( sue is still pritty messed up about it donno if you new but she preg with his kid:(

ah yer i no dan i feel sorry for her:(

yer me 2. any way have fun on the site mate…

welcome to the madness :wink: