Just joined the site, me mate terry-moto put me on to the site and very kindly put my Trizuki up for sale on it.

been riding for around 20 years now, maintain and modify me own bikes, my main interest is streetfighters but i love em all and currently own 3 bikes 1 of which is up for sale on this site so treat ya self.

I also own a 1958 Norton featherbed frame with a GSXR750m motor, its completely dressed as a english cafe racer with the heart of a oil burning Gixer motor.

Stripped Busa which will have terry`s old K1 seat unit fitted { Mr Suzuki should have built that way it looks perfect}, flat bars in TES thug yokes, GSXRK1 speedo and Alien fairing from road racing italia.


Trizuki Shrunk 1.JPG

Yo Oncas

welcome Newbie

Na welcome to the site m8, your be able to keep Spart in line

Hey Oncas! Superb introduction! Fantastic looking bikes. I love specials. Please share more information & pictures on them with us once you’ve settled in! Look forward to meeting you…

Excellent! More pics a defo! Can’t wait to see them up close. Welcome to the site mate. Good to see more exotic bikes on the forum!

Heard you were on your way.


hello mate…and welcome to lb,

Hi and welcome aboard.

Sorry to hear that your a mate of Terry`s.

welcome to the site!

Welcome dude

Nice looking bikes

Good day and welcome sir…


Hi and welcome to LB Wicked looking bikes you have there

hello and welcome to the utterly mad house!!!x