Just joined the site after reading a link on another site about the bike jacking. I’m from Bedfordshire so not technically a London Biker but close. Get to the Ace sometimes though. I’ve got a 97 TL1000S for the road and an RSVR for the track. And a HUGE Nurburgring fan.

I’m also a bird.

Hey! Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it! Put some pix up of your bikes in ‘Members Gallery’, its an LB must Might see you at the Ace sometime then…



Great site this with a good bunch of people too! Enjoy.

Photos in the gallery as requested. The TL that I’ve put in there has since been written off (thanks to a blind car driver) but I’ve just bought another one the same and am in the process of swapping parts over to the new one so that should be just as purdy soon

Hey Bouncer, welcome to LB, enjoy your stay Sorry to hear about your accident!

welcome to the site bouncer.

i got a biker relative in stevington.

Hi Bouncer… Welcome to LB… It doesn’t matter if your not in London… Hopefully catch you out and about…


Hey, welcome Bouncer!

Hi Bouncer, welcome to the forum. You have one of my fave bikes in the RSV and I am also a ring fan! So a bit in common. Does not matter if you dont come from London, this is for 2 wheeled peeps.

Welcome Bouncer, welcome to our second home Mate


Welcom to LB, hope to se you some time at the Ace then…


It’s true Danny, you really are a creature of the night!

Another all-nighter then?

Hi Bouncer Welcome to the looney bin!

Hi Darlin’ welcome to the Site.

And the name ‘Bouncer’ is because… (please not what I’m thinking )

Hello and welcome. Enjoy!


Aye. By all accounts me badgers is bouncy.

Oh man…now I’m losing the plot completely.

A crown prosectutor who rides an RSVR and wheelies a 1000TLS and has bouncing badgers.

Is this biking heaven or what???

I’m off for another dose of my medicine and a lie down.

LOL hmmm… What are you like Andrew, honestly