Been browsing for a while.

Thought it best to sign up and say hi.

So hi all

This is me and mine…


well hello silver & black nice


Really nice bike mate!

Welcome mate!

Hey thiswayup, welcome to the community! Love the blade, always been a fan of the tidy looks they have. What circuit was the photo taken at?

Cheers guys. The pic is at snett, was great to open her up down revvits. The full yoshi and pc3 ,bmc filters have made a huge dif to the power. Im at cad on the 8th and looking forward to it, have done it a few times now so should be good on the blade

Heres my old bike at cad



Hi, nice pic. will be at Snett next sat , can’t wait to open up the big gixer down them straights!

Hello and welcome Thiswayup… Tasty Blade!!!

Welcome to the forum, glad to see you are enjoying your track time.

Hi thiswayup,

cool pics. Also good to see another Chelsea fan onboard…