Newbie with no license!!


Thanks to loopy for helping me get in here!!

Firstly, to answer the thread title, its true I have no full license (yet!!). I have completed 2 days of my DAS but had to cancel day 3 and test as I injured my leg and its only just come out of cast!! So hopefully do test in November.

To add to my frustrations, I picked up my R6 on Tues, and it is sitting staring at me every night (in my kitchen of all places!!)

Im 22, live near Loughton, Essex, and have wanted a bike since last summer when I was fortunate enough to be pillion on a blade with Ron Haslem riding around Donnington!! (change of underwear was needed :tongue

Look forward to meeting people once Im out and legal!!


Oi Oi Deano, get some work done will ya

Pass that test & get out on that R6 soon, she’s too stunning to be kept in the kitchen getting chip fat all over her

Welcome to LB

lol thanks! il post a few picci’s… soz I only got the autotrader ones from when I bought it!!





sweet bike! Good luck with the course - no licence needed to be a member here :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Welcome to LB! .

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hi and welcome to the Lbs, hope you get your licence soon and your out on the bike, maybe see you up High Beech one day.


welcome to LB…god luck with the test etc



Ohhhh a 22 year old with an R6…dont let Blade see you…he he

(ducks before Blade flings her knickerbocker glory at Trisckie - actually Blade and wasting of ice cream, it aint gonna happen - i am safe )

Hello and welcome

Hey man,

welcome… i live round the corner from you down loughton alot at some times nu bar lol! 22 also!

Welcome to LONDONBIKERS.COM sweet ride enjoy her

Poke, poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Da Artist

Cheers fella, I go there now and then with my neighbour and his pals (he’s got a 900 blade, so he’s my fav neighbour ), prob see me down there once I passed I wont bother drinking for months then!!

Thanks for all the replies!!

Welcome, old fruit, have lots of fun and sorry for the indiscriminate violence from DA. Watch out for AbbeyJ too, she’s a dab hand with that newbie stick an’ all!

Welcome Deano, and good luck with the license!


OOOOOoooo…did someone say chip fat?

welcome mate…nice ride fella!!!


Hello and welcome…

Hello … Good Luck with getting your licence

Hey Deano,

Like the look of the ride. I hate that feeling when its their but you just can’t touch it. Anyway thats enough about my sex life!

Good luck with the test, or should i be saying break a leg???

Welcome aboard,


Hello and welcome

Good luck with the test (hope the cast was nothing to do with biking) but if your having second thoughts I take the bike off you (only kiddin) you get yr test and enjoy the beauty of that machine

See you soon