Newbie wants to be a Pillion

I wanna say hey again and i still aint found a bike :frowning:

so anyone wanna take me for ride on the back of their bike :slight_smile:

haha i love being on the back :stuck_out_tongue: x

PM Ginger he will be more than happy to help. :slight_smile:

Yup, wot Mark said… and cue, Ginger!

Be patient, he’ll be along any second, where he’ll give you the ride of your life.;):smiley:

Ha, Ha, yep Ginger’s your man:D

what all of above said!

been there done that got the tshirt and my bolloxs hurt …

I would say yes - but unfortunately I have tried taking pillions before on several occasions and have found it much harder to control the bike. So - maybe ginger is your man!! I am sure there are many other folks who will carry pillions without mishap too !! Form an orderly queue gentlemen :smiley: