Newbie says hello

Was advised to visit here as I am a new motocycle rider and recently bought my 1st bike - Kawasaki ER6F.

So, hello

Karen, welcome!

We’re all pretty friendly on here. If you’re free tonight, there’s a load of us going up to The Ace Cafe … perhaps see you there?

you going on your bikes?

Welcome aboard!

Yep, we’ll all be there on bikes (or a bmx in Andrew’s case)

Welcome to LB, pull up a chair and enjoy.

so who are the trouble makers on here to look out for?

Hello Karen and welcome to LB, A total “Newbie” eh with your first bike and all !!! Well tonight at the Ace Cafe is a must for you if you can make it. I posted the thread as I wanted to meet a couple of the faces from LB and it looks like they have all answered !!!

Try and make it and you,ll get to meet a good bunch of troups.

Hope to see you there ,


PS…you,ll get a lot of jokers and general p*ss taking but nothing that comes close to a trouble maker !! Going by the people I have met and spoke to online this has got to be the best community there is,(( I wouldnt bet against it )) !!!.

There are lots of us - you will soon learn…

On another issue, take it you ride the ER6 judging by name, what are your thoughts about it? I am interested as I am still thinking about getting one as a road machine.

seems friendly so far.

Chuffster - answer re: ER6F - it’s my 1st bike so nothing to compare it to. Gear changing is nice and smooth and bike is very light (well compared to hubbys Phaser 600).

I was limited on choice at 5ft 4" and a new rider I needed something where I could touch the floor - other option was SV650S but that seemed heavier - more bulky.

I really like the bike’s looks - I think it will do well

Hi hun, welcome to LB!

Wahey, another girlie! Welcome to LB, Karen! Hope to see you tonight at the Ace.

Welcome to LB! Hope to see you at the ace tonight

Hi Welcome to the site…ENJOY

Hiya hun, Welcome aboard the madhouse.

Nice little bike ya got there. Now get up the Ace n the fold will welcome ya home.

Welcome to the forum, most of use who are not hibernating will ride up to the ACE tonight and if the weather holds who knows who may make an appearence. As for trouble makers, I guess that’s all of us in our own little way.

Gosh this is beginning to feel like an aa meeting, “hello, my names Dan and I am a trouble maker”.

No drink problem here !!

“Ive always got some”"



cannot make it tonight - do you go there on a specific day/date every month?

Hello matie,


The thread that started this meet was a spur of the moment thing four days ago but there is almost always a member of LB down at the Ace Cafe.


Welcome hello bonjour howdy ciao etc. etc.

Shame you can’t make tonight, but never mind. And why’s yer fella not joining too?

Is it the new ER6 that looks all swanky with springs in odd places and a wee bit of attitude? Tis a belter I reckon.

Doubtless see you around, most meets are posted on here so peeps can check who else is going, so stayed tuned!