Newbie saying hello

Hi everybody:D

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome to lb!


Hullo nube :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there & welcome:kiss:

It’s a shame - you just missed a great rideout yesterday which would have been a fantastic introduction to all the lovely riders on LB:)

Welcome to LB WillI see you’ve already been to BM so great on that oneIt would be very helpful if you could post a picture of yourself and your pride and joy in the pinned thread “Newbie Face/Bike Photo Sheet” at the top of the newbie forum, this will help the community recognise you at meets and of course ride-outs. Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find LB members at the Ace Café and Blackheath Tea Hut ride-outs are your thing then check out the Ride-Outs, Meets & Events section of the forum where members post regular ride outs.

So get posting and enjoy your new playground.

Hahahaha John…how much time and dedication did it take to dredge this up :wink:


Even funnier is that Andy has got the wrong man :laugh:

lol, I just found one that he’d posted, copied and pasted it :wink: