newbie not quite passed!

hello chaps and ladies…

I am currently in the middle of doing my tests, not in a using my phone to post while on an actual test more of a completed mod1 sunday and doing mod 2 next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a CBR600F Sport sat in my local honda dealership waiting, literally can’t wait to get out on it!

I don’t have any riding buddies at all so will look to get out on some of the ride outs I have seen happening here soon as I can as long as you dont mind a slow coach!!

I live surbiton way if anyone is local

Welcome to LB mate! Good luck with yer test!

Tell me it’s the 2011 cbr600f.

I am definitely getting one of them in the Summer!!!


nah not keen on them, nor would I spunk a load of money on a brand new bike for my first one either!!!

2002, black red. will get me going, plus its more powerful than the new one :w00t:

This is indeed what I have heard.

I still like the bike though… looks nicer than previous 600f’s imo. But each man has his own bike, I suppose.

Anyway, try pop down to a meeting, Borough Market is tomorrow if you work around the city?


to be fair, Im not keen on the standard F’s - would only have got an F sport as don’t like the other colour schemes and even then I have to powder coat the wheels, new exhaust and new under-tail to be happy!! ha ha.

Good they are doing an F again though, it was a bit all of nothing with just the RR on sale.

I am in the city tomorrow but currently don’t have a licence or a bike but will be at the first available one once I do have both bits!

Hurry upppp! Summer’s starting NOW!

haha, well would be good to see ya mate, take it easy though. You’re more than welcome down without a bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB :smiley:
Am currently after a CBR 600fs to turn into my new toy :smiley:

welcome to LB :wink: good luck on the test :wink:

mate go and buy this bike if you want an F-Sport!!! the thing is totally mint. I only didnt get it as they werent keen on storing it for me till I passed and also I had built a good relationship with my local dealer so kind of wanted to give him the business but if I am totally honest this was the better bike. Literally not a mark on it - stunning.

Looks awesome, mate :w00t:

I will :smiley: tis gona be my new stunt bike :smiley: So im gonna smash it up :smiley:

Why you wanna smash all the nice bikes???:smiley: at least my triumph is safe now:hehe:

Have you ever seen a stunt bike? :stuck_out_tongue: It wont stay mint for long :smiley:

Yes I’ve seen a stunt bike, it has a scaffolding around it :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to LB, and welcome to Honda CBR family, no matter its either 600RR or 600F, :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome To The Forum

Welcome Leon

Just for kicks get along to a Sunday morning ride out and don’t worry about keeping up most ride outs pull in once and a while to allow for re-grouping or, re-fitting of top boxes and the like :w00t:

Welcome to LB - Learner myself but holding off till I’ve got some free time to do it all in a week in the summer! Good luck, sure you’ll do fine! :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB:D

Good luck next weak,