Newbie Night

Well I missed the Newbie Night (Mon 21st Aug) and I was looking forward to it as well…Trouble was I got soaked to the skin coming home from work,And just could not face heading on over to The Ace and face getting another soaking,The roads round here were running like rivers,What a storm that was we had.

Still the main reason for my post here is ‘If & When’ there will be another Newbie night organised ?

I am hoping to catch some of you guys up on Blackheath at the Tea Hut soon…I’ll be looking out for ya’s

Until we meet, all ride safely.

Cheers Taz.

4/5 with a LOt of luck I should be back on my baby !

Well I finally made it to a meet…Was worthwhile too.

Sorry if I didn’t get round to introducing myself but those I did meet gave a nice warm welcome and I feel I will be one of the group for good now. Good turn out and hope to get to know some of the folk I didn’t get round to this time in the near future ! Cheers.

Take care all…I’ll be looking out for ya out and about.

Come to our Cubana meet tomorrow Taz!

I won’t be able to make Cubana as I am on late turn all week now…I took Annual leave Monday to attend the Newbie meet,Glad I did too.

Will make the Cubana as soon as I can…