Newbie night @ the Ace

Hiya folks! In case you’ve not had time to browse the site and get to grips with the various threads on it since joining, this is just to let you know that there’s a newbie night - dedicated to YOU! - tomorrow evening (Monday 2 July) at the Ace Cafe.

Details are on Ginger’s post here:

Drop down for some friendly banter, have a look at some groovy bikes, get some supper and sit and watch the world go by!

If anyone needs leading to the meet, please reply to the original post or PM a host and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Hope to see you all there, but if you can’t make it this month then bear in mind that newbie nights are held on the first Monday of each month!

thanks keti for putting this up here

for all you newbie if you do come down and dont know where to look well be sitting at the tables near the stage, failing that just look out for me see pic (which will be below this text)

I do hope some of you can make it down, even if its just for a few hours or half an hour

see you there



me ginger.JPG

You could have smiled Ginger

did someone say smiled?.

errmm smiled


If you see either of these individuals, do not approach them and call crimestoppers immediately.

Smiled got a new set of leathers and they go right up his ar*e!

sorry i couldnt be there, ive got a throat infection and manflu

Ahh, the dreaded man flu!!!