NEWBIE NIGHT - Monday 2nd May - Ace Cafe - 6pm+


I presume we have normal service and a Newbie Night at the Ace on Monday 2nd May - the first Monday of the month. Hopefully a bank holiday might get even more of us out to welcome some newbies :smiley:

There’s been loads of newbie greets recently, so newbies - please do take this chance to say “hello” and get introduced to some London Bikers. Before you know it you’ll be regular attendees at Borough Market, rideouts and more.

If you’ve not been to the Ace Cafe before, its in North West London and famous for bike and car events and meets. Its a regular starting point for most LB rideouts too.

Here’s a map -,+London&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=FfV0EgMdxcL7_yG5vTbkXpQHFQ&mra=ls&sll=51.800123,-1.919861&sspn=0.774522,2.469177&ie=UTF8&ll=51.541271,-0.27748&spn=0.003043,0.009645&t=h&z=17

And the Ace Cafe website -

I’ll be traveling back from a weekend around Wales with 10 bikers (not with TrackdayJunkie & Ang, but may catch up with them :wink: ), but should still be there in time. People gather from 6pm+

LB usually gather down the far end of the Ace, or sometimes the entrance.

See you there!


We might pop in on the way back from Wales too.:slight_smile:

Hoping the newbies are robust.:stuck_out_tongue:

Zander do you want a race back from Wales to the Ace. :smiley:

Heh heh - lol! I’d love to, but I’ll be leading some nice gentle souls safely back to London … unless they demand I go faster :smiley: I think I’ve got an unfair advantage over you too, with us starting a bit farther south :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up for this one. Unlike everything else I say I’ll make I’ll actually DEFINITELY make this one.

will be there…

I’ve made it down to a couple of Wednesday night meets, but don’t really know anyone yet. I’ll definitely endeavour to attend on Monday! :smiley:

Damn I’m working…double time :smiley:

depedning on what time I leave Cheltenham may pop over… :slight_smile:

we will be there on our return from hastings

Should be able to make this unless working on some kind of bike :slight_smile:

will be there :slight_smile:

will be there.

Might see ya down there :slight_smile:

Plan to make it from about 6ish :slight_smile:

I’ll be there!

Should be there about 6

I’ll be there around six, (right better get a move on) looking forward to meeting a few more London Bikers

Quite afew of us here already, probably be gone by time people arrive I’m knackered from our trip.

Home to clean up and get some sleep :slight_smile:

one day i will get up there although i went to the gsxr day last year but just got in from boxhill today