Newbie/New to big bike/125 friendly ride-out (28-10-2012)

Newbies : never been on a ride-out before?

New to big bike : Need to get some ride time under your belt?

125’s : all you 125’s out there, “this one is for you”, please note this will be a gentle paced ride and aimed at new riders, less confident riders and riders who prefer the more casual pace, all you wheelie idiots who’s not going to respect the other riders around you please stay away

First meet point :Leaving Blackheath Tea Hut 9am:D

Second meet point :leaving Oakdene Cafe 10am

We’ll fill up at the petrol station at Oakdene Cafe

Only a 150 miles around the lanes of East Sussex and Kent (Route to be decided)

Please read and make sure you understand the Cornerman system :

Also note : This ride is aimed at Newbies, New to big bike and 125’s, all you experienced riders please stay away, however I will be looking for an experienced rider to tail gun for me.:wink:

P. S. This ride is weather permitting so please check this thread the Saturday before for an update:w00t:


  1. Rioting Rob

  2. Bushcraftbarmey

  3. DTR Ross

  4. woozy-uk

  5. george.b

  6. theoc

  7. andersoc

  8. daws1989

  9. Xr Mickey

  10. XTR Cam

  11. GSR polisher

  12. Slug

  13. Elena

  14. samirnichols

  15. Columbo

If the weather’s good I’m in :slight_smile:

Should be good for this too

Grooming the newbies again Rob? :smiley:

“Only a 150 miles around the lanes of East Sussex and Kent (Route to be decided)”

So it’s rye then!

Nope, not going into Rye;) It’ll be very close to Rye…f*ck it, this go to Rye:D

I’m in if you’ll have me :wink:

im up for this :cool:

im in if i get payed by then =] and i wont wheelie i promise XD

LOL! 8)

  • Ross, Wooz. It would be good to see you guys again, and If I go, ill know someone, f**k me! :slight_smile:


50/50 ill be going, depending on whether the Mrs is working that day, or I can get rid of her with her mates :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we’ll get some 125cc bikes actually show up unlike last time Rob made an effort to organise a ride.

You’ll be in good experienced hands with Rob who will take you down some good routes.

Unfortunately I’m working that day otherwise I’d be happy to tail gun.

Mayhem :smiley:

thank feck i’m skint and without a bike…i’ll tail gun on a bmx if you like rob

I’ll start a list:D,

Might be keen but I break all your rideout rules… :smiley:

Hmmm…I might just be free that day. It’s my name-day (Polish folks don’t really celebrate their birthdays, they celebrate name-days instead), but the wife and kids might be out of the country…

Perhaps this ride needs an “alternative section” for the likes of you and I Jaime?

Ill be running 13 miles to support the Air Ambulance we hope youll have no need to call upon.:stuck_out_tongue:

Im in if you guys will have me… Haven’t been on a rideout in a while…

would love to come along and i wont wheellie i promiss but it will either be on my first ride on the Suzuki Tl if i get insured in time or on my xr but it only got a 80-90 mile tank range :frowning:

I think you can pencil me in (weather permitting obviously) and the bike still works