Newbie here

Hi all I am new to this site, drinks are on me.

oh you dont wana say that, esp not if you go to cubana later, youll be potless by 10pm!

anyway, welcome…

Welcome to LB m8, mines a pint of Kroni.

1966? good year to be born…or is it the football? welcome and mines a bloodymary after last nite!

Hey Bones1966, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you. Hope to see you at our Cubana/Waterloo meet this evening!

Welcome mate!

Big Welcome Hun !

Can you save my drink til next week, am otherwise engaged tonite !

Luv Christine x

welcome bones hope to c u at the cubana


and welcome to LB…

poke poke

Can i just have a alka seltzer please???


so what about me i missed the newbie section when i first joined and came straight onto chatter

Greetings and welcome to LB. Good vintage year was 1966

Welcom Bones…

Double JD for me pal

Welcome - Double Jamesons and redbull for me (expensive taste - try it - you might like it!)

Welcome bones. Poor old Ginge, missed his newbie poke and now desperate for one!!!

Hi Bones, welcome mate.

BONES1966… Welcome to LB fella… I’ll have a bottle of vodka please!!! LOL…

Hi Bones…welcome!

welcome to the site

Hi babe, no escaped last night, two days was more than enough for me…