Newbie from North London

Hi all, just thought I’d drop a message seeing as I’m a newbie. Joined as seen a few thing dotted about from the site. Im Matt from North London (whetstone) ride a zx636 b1h

Welcome Mat,

ohhh so you come on this forum a beat me to the rear sets I see how things are going to work around here :laugh:

welcome :smiley:

Welcome mate!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, haha James sorry not mine yet depends on what gold he wants across his palm.

Welcome along

Hi & welcome to the madhouse! :smiley:

Good job it’s a mad house, as I live in one too :w00t:

Hi Matt and welcome from another north Londoner.

Welcome. Also from North London.

Welcome mate, I’m in N London too… South Hampstead area so 6/7 miles from you.

Are you planning on heading to the Borough Market meet up on Wednesdays any time soon?

Also how do you find the ZX636? I had one for a few months and felt like it was trying to dislocate my hip!


Ello poppet, welcome to the forum… have fun lol :slight_smile:

Hey nick, yeah not far at all from you. I’m going to try get to the borough meet in the next couple of weeks hopfully.

The 636 is great for what I want it for, I don’t do May long rides just for a bit of fun. Can see what you mean by the hip thing though!

Just started out biking in the past year really so trying to get my head round it all :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum!!!