Newbie frm across the pond

Hi there…just wanted to say a big hello to everyone frm Vancouver, Canada…kinda hopped n’ skipped to this site frm one of your members personal webpage…think it’s jay cuz he’s got the clean -lookin gixxer…always come to london at least a few times a year…missed out on checkin out Ace Cafe in august …cousin was too busy to take me over…but got myself a whole new riding gear frm UK…haven’t seen a Kagayama lid here in Vancouver yet and my buddies like it and always ask me where i got it frm. Btw my ride is a K5 1000…and its pure magic!!…ok, see ya’ll later

LB community is getting worlwide! Usa, Canada…

Nice to meet you mate! Hope to see you at the Ace next time you’re in London!

Welcome. Exellent choice of forum this!

Btw …think you guys will like this…myself> i’m still trying to shut my open mouth!!

oops!!..bit dozy with the ol’e pc but heres the link …

geez!!!..ok one more time…here it is n my sincere apologies…

lol… Welcome to the forum. Nice to see we’re becoming worldwide known! I go to Canada a lot as I’ve family over there in Edmonton, Alberta… Enjoy your stay!


And I’ve a mate who’s bought a house in Golden BC to live out their next yr. The idea of endless roads and few people has massive appeal. He’s taking his Blade over so doubtless I’ll be hiring one when I’m over there.

Welcome and enjoy!

Welcome! … cool vid! Ghostrider’s mental … I’ve spent ages watching those … they’re especially amusing when he taunts the rozzers!

a big welcome

They have lovely countless knee down roads in Canada, thats all I were thinking about when I were there last summer. We would be driving down the road, and I’d say "This is a lovely bend! " The annoying thing is the long roads like highway 3… it goes on for hours, nice to wheelie the whole thing tho, lol


Thx fellas…lemme know if you guys ever want some info for visiting North America…might be able to help…yeah we got sum nice roads here, my personal favorite is Hwy99 (called Sea to Sky) frm Vancouver to Whistler…perfect for a sat morning run…lots of twists n turns …mind you a bit hazardous though, lots of fatalities on the stretch every year…heres a pic of it

Mount Whistler, I climbed to the top of that!!! Stayed in some lovely place called Jasper Park Lodge… Was scary because Bears and wolves were randomly walking around near us There were some wicked roads heading up there but I’ll be too scared as a bear or a deer would be in the middle of the road and you’ll just crash straight into it, lol


The bear was probably just looking for somewhere private for his number two.

but he got number 46 instead getting his knee down round the corner


welcome Mate and thats a very nice bike!

Nightstalker-one, Hello and welcome to the site… You’ll have to let us know when your coming to the UK next… We’ll get you to the Ace!!!

Haven’t had the pleasure of visting Canada, I have been told how beautiful it is… Those roads look fun…