Newbie Black Forest Germany

Hello from the Black forest Germany, I own & run a small biker friendly hotel in the Black forest, so have an interest in bikes etc.

If you are in the area call in for a drink!!

Regards from a sunny Black Forest

P.S. i respect the rules of the forum about advertising so will not include a link try a PM

Welcome aboard, Seebach! I am not a member of the admin team but, as an ordinary member, I am fully in favour of you posting your link here. I admire that you run a biker-friendly establishment, and you have my full support.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB,

I did however look at this thread because I thought it might include something about cake;)

hello and welcome to LB!

Grüss dich!

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Well here goes or look us up on tripadvisor for an unbiased view

you are assured of a warm welcome & a cold beer!

Thanks. It looks great, and looking at the map it seems you have some amazing roads nearby. Prices are good too. I wish I had seen this a month ago, before we tooks this years leave. We may be heading your way in Summer '10…

Hi and welcome.

Was over in the black forest a couple of weeks ago, magnificent scenery, great roads, unfortunately i was stuck as a passenger in a hire care :frowning:

if anyone is going that way i would recommend the 482 From Gaggenau to Freundenstadt then back up the 500 to Baden Bade,8.504791&spn=0.49612,0.883026&z=10

Oh and the cake was fabulous

Hi, hello, how are you :slight_smile:

The village of Seebach is 5mins from the B500, one of, if not the best road you will ever ride, we have bikers stoping here who set off for a days touring but then spend all day on the 500! the road must have been built by a biker.

A cold beer awaits any member down this way (only 6 1/2 hours from Calais)

Hello and welcome to Lb will deffo check ya site out :slight_smile:

theres another member on here from Germany itsthemechanic i think gota 'bird :slight_smile:


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