Newb in Middlesex

Hi all,

Just found the site and here’s the obligatory Hello.

I’m known as Bev, real name Andy.

Ride a 2006 Triumph Speed Triple Jack Lilley Special, and love it, But tend to use the car in the winter months when the weathers grotty.
Looking forward to a bit warmer weather, then It’s back on 2 wheels.

Ride Safe Folks.


Hi & welcome to LB:) Nice bike;)

hi and welcome :smiley: nice ride

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:
I must say it looks mint in white but i still prefer all mat black :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome nice bike dude

welcome to the forum!

if i owned that bike i wouldnt be able to keep it clean!

welcome v nice bike

Hi and welcome, that bike is a beaut.:smiley:

Hello mate and nice bike, whereabouts in middlesex are you? I’m now hillingdon but grew up round hayes.

hello /wave lol

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hey, welcome. Beautiful bike mate :slight_smile:

Hiyah folks.

Thanks for the brilliantly warm welcome on such a cold day.

Looking forward to coming to a newb meet, but prob gonna be march as am about to go on a weeks snowboarding so the bikies tucked up warm and safe in the garage.

If you’re riding about today - take care, roads are still shitty and suns low in the sky.

btw -@BigVern, I’m in the Greenford area so only 5 or so miles.