new ZXR owner advice needed. please help

Hi guys,I only have the zxr400 for over a week and something unusual happened today on my way to work and I really need some advice and see if it was me or the bike having problem.Ok, I love the bike and it a very clean and well looked after bike and everything was perfect but today something unusual happened.I notice the the idle rpm was lower then the usual 1500rmp (just under 1000rmp) as a result I stall the bike 3 times getting off the traffic and I also notice the temp level only at the 1/4 level throughout the trip even when I was filtering the slowly, usually it is at the 1/2 level.I am worried! I know lower temp is good for the engine but the unusual low idle rmp and low temp make me feel the bike having problem.Can you guys advise on this please. It is very cold today and I didn’t warm the bike up before my ride (only about 45 seconds) could that be the reason?


yes, give it a few more minutes to warm up properly before you set off next time, i’m sure it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Find your idle adjustment knob and adjust it that will bring your idle figure back. Zxr Kawasakis don’t like cold higher idle can help.

Ok, this morning when I go home from work, I warmed up the bike for about 5-10 mins and the idle rmp still at just under 1000rmp, the temp still cold but I guess that is because of the weather.

There’s nothing seem wrong about the idle rmp because when I stopped at the traffic light, it didn’t cut out or anything just very quiet not like it used to be when it is at 1500rmp when idle, so the question is should I be worried? but clearly something makes the idle rmp dropped either it is a bike problem or the colder weather, I don’t know.

Any idea?




And here’s a pic of the adjuster on a ZX6R, should be similar.

Another possible issue with older Ninja’s, mine was a 94 ZX6R,
cold, damp morning can reveal carb-icing, which can cause the
Kawasaki ZX-6R to choke temporarily. The best way to solve
this is with Silkolene ProFST fuel additive.

So, everything seems to bad to normal today as today is warmer. although I did played with the idle cable but it was too high to about 2000rmp when in idle so I think if I didn’t touch it would have been in the normal level and the temp also back to what it used to be.

Can it really be a the weather? I can’t believe the cold weather makes the bike react so differently, well I guess maybe because it is a old cabr bike not fuel injection and weather affect it more.

thanks for the replies.

is it this one?