New Zealand Trip Photos

Hi All,

New to the forum. Thought I’d share some of my photo’s from my trip to New Zealand in April 2007.

As you can see - New Zealand has every kind of road, lanscape, and weather condition. I would definitely recommend it!

I hired the same bike I had back in Australia (moved to the UK in October).




A Winding Road

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Fox Glacier

Milson’s Sound Cruise

Just outside of Christchurch

On the way to Milsons Sound

**Jetboating in Queenstown **


Random Blue Lake

Tall Trees

Love the pics! Good shots :cool:

Thanks Mark,

You could say I’m into my photography…



great photos! more more :slight_smile:

Did you go over to Golden Bay? The road over the top is just a blast on a bike! Not for people of a nervous disposotion though. Also one of my faves was the coast road from Nelson down to Kiakora, and the road up to Hamner Springs oh I could go on there are so many great roads in NZ

NZ is just THE perfect place for a bike.

Beutiful photos there … cheers.

Beautiful place, superb pictures mate:)

Hi Richm,

That name does not ring a bell. I more or less rode around the south islands perimiter.

I remember the road into Queenstown (I have a bike-mounted video if I can dig it up) - damn that was about 13 hairpin corners in a row!!!

Golden Bay is the North West tip of the South Island, not many people go there as it’s one road in and out and not really in loop. Most people go from Greymouth on the west coast to Nelson on the north coast and cut the corner off not knowing what they are missing. If you go again you must make an effort, it’s an old hippy hang out and is very chilled and relaxed. Lots of cows mountains and beaches, just beautiful.

Beautiful pictures there mate, not sure if the english roads near london can really match that…but some of the twists and turns will give you a good run for your money.

not to mention the amzing rush hour commute :stuck_out_tongue:

You lucky sod, looks great there and nice pics, you even got one in for any welsh readers :slight_smile: