New Year's Day lunch at the Ace

Happy New Year

see you at 12:30


Well after a flat car tyre, a now broken jack I need a cup of tea :slight_smile:

Still here eating and drinking coffee at the ace - great turnout and nice to see folks again :slight_smile: happy new year all !

Yes, very impressive turnout! Very nice to meet up with everyone!

Great turn out didn’t go to bed till 7 this morning, hence couldn’t ride/drive over…

You party animal you. Struggle to remember when I used to be able to do that.:rolleyes:

Happy New Year fella, hope to see you soon

I’m far too old for that type of behavior :D, happy new year right back to you, catch you soon :cool:

Well you missed an interesting chat on how to deter burglars - I was all for the humane trap method, but others preferred a more extreme approach :slight_smile:
Lovely ‘all day breakfast’ back by 4 pm and got to see all you good folks in one go ! :slight_smile:

Lovely to see everyone, good turn out.

Great seeing everyone and be wary of anyone that owns a weather balloon :w00t:

Or even a hot air balloon kit???:Whistling:

Good to see all those out today, we counted 17 LBers, not bad Hels :kiss:

Good suggestion for a meetup, Hels. Well done you for organising it.

But considering we’re a
bunch of bikers, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many of us in our civvies :w00t:

Agreed, well done Helen. If my car had been road worthy, I too may have taken the ‘warmer’ option :Whistling: However, apart from being blown all over the M40/M25 on the way home, I had a most enjoyable time. Cheers one and all.:smiley:

I found it fairly mild out today on the trusty triumph compared to the freezing temps last week :slight_smile: and not much traffic either as everyone was either sleeping or driving at 10 mph.
I daresay we may again meet in the cells if some of the burglar deterrent plans come off …
Twas really great of you all to make the effort and fab start to 2015 :smiley:
Happy biking !

I agree - fairly warm. I think the lowest on the screen as 7C but most of the time it was 9C. A strong wind from the SW and slimy roads made it interesting. When I got home found very little salt to wash off the bike.

nice way to spend new years day, good to see everyone there. Hope the Jetstreams feel better soon, oh and I hope Dangerous B gets the disc lock alarm sorted, was quite funny when it wouldn’t shut up inside the Ace, hope the move up north goes smoothly.

Nice afternoon all. Thanks for the good wishes and see you at some point, either down here or pop up and I’ll do you a cuppa. Ps still looking for the dis lock tool!

Helium balloon… I guess too long in the job :smiley:

A goodly starter to 2015, great shout out Hels

I have a spare if you want