New Year's Day lunch at the Ace

I haven’t seen some of you old muckers for a while, but am planning on being at the Ace around lunchtime on New Years Day - unless it is snowing. Feel free to bob along for a lukewarm tea and a fry up.

May well see you there Hels. :kiss:

Nice one !!! That will be excellent. I am also having a cuppa about 10 ish at Box with martin tomorrow, so will say hello if any LBers are about.

Probably make this too. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen you for what seems like aaaaages, Hels. See you @ The Ace on NYD for a dodgy coffee and a catchup.

Great Janey - will really look forward to it and do bring Tim if he is around also :slight_smile: We bumped into Brian today at Box Hill - and had a good dry ride with a roast lunch.

Shall we say about 12 / 12.30 ish at the Ace?

Tim’s working all over Crimbo and the New Year holiday (he’s got me and my Triumph to support, so I an’t blame him!), so it’ll just be me. Unless I can engineer a breakdown and get 24/7 to send him to rescue me :Whistling:

Me and MetalRed have been known to do the NYD hang-over run to the ACE before and may well be there.

Excellent idea, we will probably join you.

Will look forward to it :slight_smile:

Right see u folks tomorrow. I will aim for 12.30 (12 might be pushing it)
Happy New Year


12.30 good for me… will give the frost time to clear if today is any thing to go by. :slight_smile:

i would but, if all goes to plan i will still be over the legal limit :smiley:

I hope to drop in
Looking forward to see the new year in with good friends

I hope to drop in.

Looks like there may be some holes in their ceiling :ermm:

With the size of my waist if I bounce
Thanks to Nics good cooking

I will take the ceiling out

you never know, if I can remember the way :w00t:

I think its about time I got some air… see you there :smiley:

We are on are way, when her indoors can throw some clothes on.