New Yamaha R1

New R1 in in Haga colours drool the picture doesnt do it justice

Looks like an '08 to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Not " different " enough to warrant the " inevitable " price hike . ( IF that is an official picture that is ?? )

There’s nothing on the official Yamaha press channels (I’ve just checked). I think everything is rumour and photoshops at this point. The bike above certainly doesn’t look any different to the current one.

saw a Santander R1 VERY similar to this one at Poole Quay the other month

Yamaha dealer conference - 8th September


Thats definatley an 08. My money is on th 09 having a stubby can like the R6, improvements to the slipper clutch and hopefully some kind of data mapping device, oh and 450bhp…:smiley:

I don’t mind what year it is… I wouldn’t say no to that bike!:slight_smile:

That’s definately an 08 bike, dealers send them off to be painted prior to delivery :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve seen a few now and to be honest the paintwork on them didn’t look too special :w00t: 0

I wouldn’t be able to stop the wanting to torch it

(I hate Abbey / Santander)