New with very cold hands!!

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Just got a little vespa 50cc and I love it! Only problem is the freezing temperatures in the morning… I have some really good goretex gloves but my fingers still froze this morning, anybody got any ideas? I was thinking of heated grips but I’m not sure if they’ll work on a 50cc vespa??


Hi. Welcome. Maybe try some silk inner gloves? Or muffs? I don’t know if a 50 will power heated grips, but your dealer will be able to tell you (or someone on here who actually knows something. As opposed to ignorant ole me:D)

Hello - I had the handlebar mits on my 125 last year which cured my freezing hands! Now I’ve sold that and got a GSXR I bought some Alpine Stars Jet Road gloves which are brilliant, this morning after a decent frost at motorway speeds my hands were still warm :slight_smile:

Theres a thread in products offering a discount on the gloves if you fancy a pair :slight_smile:

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All you need is a good pair of gloves. Some thick Goretex ones will do you proud all through winter. I can personally recommend the Alpinestars range. Expect to pay between £50 and £100 for a good pair that will work in all conditions. Don’t skimp if you can afford it, you get what you pay for with clothing.

Also, don’t worry about the thickness, you will adapt to it very quickly and be able to ride as normal in no time.

If you have as many traffic lights as I do on my journey (one every 200 yards on average) you will get plenty of stops. When I rode a Vesp I found the headlight got very hot and is only about ten inches from the handlebars. I used ot just put each hand in front of the light for about ten seconds at every stop - it warmed the gloves up a treat! I only got heated grips after fitting a sports screen to go faster.

Heated grips don’t work as well as you might expect, they leave the outside of the hand cold. Also, I don’t think a 50cc bike is going to put out enough electricity for them, at least if flickering headlights are anything to go by.

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A 50 will definitely not run grips which is why I suggested using the heat of the headlamp which will be the only hot part of the bike in reach.

When used heated grips last winter I found them very effective - maybe people are using them with thin gloves? With thick well insulated winter gloves the warmth flowed right down to the fingers etc and made a huge difference.

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Have a look at the link below for gloves :wink:


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A nice pair of winter gloves should work wonders :slight_smile:

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