New Versys 1000 SE


Cruise control, cornering lights, semi-active suspension, two-way quickshifter, self-healing paint, TFT dash with Bluetooth phone app.



That looks brilliant. But what the heck is self healing paint? And maybe shamefully, what’s a TFT dash? Is it like an LCD dash, but in colour?


I think it’s paint that’s not 100% solid so when scratched it melts back together.

And yes TFT is a colour screen, like the R1 has had for a couple of years and the tigers and the street triples etc etc. lots of bikes have them now.


Looks like they’re taking some of the tech from the H2 from last year


Technology has started to move FAST with bikes lately. Impressive - Definitely wouldn’t mind one


I’ll have to remain loyal to The 250. I wouldn’t kick one out of bed I just don’t have £15,000 for a toy :frowning:


sign me up! I liking it.


hmm yeah…think I like that!


Sat on this yesterday, it’s pretty fancy.


and you look happy as Larry on it :slight_smile:


front end looks like its straight off a snowmobile


But a very pretty snowmobile! I have to say I like it.