New tyres tragedy

A biker died of multiple injuries after coming off his motorcycle on the M1 motorway, an inquest heard on Tuesday.
Stephen Morris, of Warminster Close, Luton, was riding solo on his BMW bike as he travelled on the junction 10a spur road on July 10.
The coroner`s court heard that the bike snaked along the duel carriage-way before Mr Morris lost control and fell off shortly after 8am.
The 55 year old programmer was thrown across the road and hit the barriers. He was taken to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital where he died later that day.
The motorcycle was checked for any faults, but there was nothing wrong with the vehicle.
It was thought that new tyres on the bike caused the accident, as they had not yet been properly scuffed in. (Herald & Post 18/12/08).

That’s a terrible thing to happen.

It resonates with me, having just put new tyres on today… a good reminder to take it easy for a while longer, even though you think they might be scrubbed in.

Oh, that is awful. RIP Stephen Morris. New tyres are horrible to ride with – you’d think they could pre-scrub them in or something?

Yep. Couldn’t agree more.

It does seem weird, doesn’t it, that they sell a product that could potentially have you off five seconds after pulling out of the garage. Or worse.

Yep, just put a set of rubbers on me bird, going to put another 100 extra scrubbing in, but peeps its the drain covers and spilt diesel as well you have to keep your eye out for. (ride safe every one).

the prob with winter is that you rarely get enough days that are dry to really scrub the tyre’s in…

i was told that you should to at least 100miles that are in the dry, to scrub them in properly…and any wet miles shouldnt be included…

Very sad indeed

You can help the scrubbing in process by giving new tyres a wipe over with a rag soaked in Brake Cleaner Spray. This hepls remove the mould release agents from the rubber and is what many race teams do to their tyres:cool:

Word!! … You beat me to it there chunky.

In Winter, it also may help to stick the bike on stands and rub over the surface with a bit of wet & dry. :wink:


make the most of any dry tarmac in winter if you have new hoops on.

The only time i have properly crashed my bike in 10 years of riding was at the beginning, on my first big bike, setting off from Hamilton’s in Streatham with new rubber. No one had warned me that new tyres were slippery and needed to be ridden in. I still suffer the consequences today, and they seem to be getting worse.

RIP that biker. Ride safe, all, especially on new rubber.

good tip, will have to try that!

I’d be wary of relying on any solvents or sanding to scrub in tyres. The main reason you’re supposed to wait 100 miles is tyres are slightly porous and the moulding stuff will cling into the cut tread too. As the tyre warms up this ‘hidden’ moulding release agent appears on the surface.

Personally I take the bike on an about 10 mile spin to warm them up and then progressively corner it harder. Keeping the bike leant over more than normal for the same corner speed, as you’re putting less force through the tyre for the same lean angle.

I think the 100 mile advice isn’t ideal. If you rode around slowly for 100 miles with huge chicken strips and then when hell for leather, you’re going to put the tyre on abit of unused unscrubbed rubber.

Excellent tip!

I’ve done about 60 miles since yesterday, but its rain from here on in. So I’ll be trying out that brake cleaner tip tomorrow.

Will the Wurth brake and chain stuff be OK?

Exactly well said

Also forgot to mention, solvents can degrade rubber too. I personally wouldn’t use that method. 50 miles will scrub them in if kept warm.

Hmmmm… I might not try the brake-cleaner method! :hehe:

Be really carefull scrubbing tyres in this time of year…the temps are down the grip just isnt there, so dont worry about chicken strips…come spring/summer i will show ya how far an SV will lean;)

i learnt to get my knee down this year on a shagged front tyre…i got it changed…and thought…ah shite i will have to scrub it right in before i KD, i was very nervous of taking it to the edge of the tyre-as solomanda says- but when i did it was gently gently, also stopped and had a look at how much was getting scrubbed in…

tyres look difrent once scrubbed in, less shiny/black more grey’ish i find.

this is my left side of my rear tyre on my old SV6…can ya see the pattern on teh edge? i think thats what solomanda is talking about by the ‘chemicals?’ coming to the surface…

this is the same tyre same side after KD…no pattern at all and scrubbed in, if ya look on the edges of michelin tyres they have lettering and a mini michelin man…hes half scubbed off:D just about see it:D

I second ya :wink:

Absolutely … these methods are only a help for Winter, so that you have got a little grip to help with the initial scrub-in. They are definitely no substitute!

The brake cleaner method is used by racers, so I think it is pretty sound.

Have a word with yourself will ya:D

When was the last time you saw a brake caliper that DID NOT contain rubber parts?

So by your theory brake cleaner is not safe to be used on brakes?;):w00t: