New tyres for the Stealth

Just put another set of Michelin 2CTs on the Stealth, and the old ones done 5ooo miles and thats including hard rideing and soome of that was 2 up. Well recomend these tyres. :cool:

I think I’m going to try these next. I’m running Corsa III’s at the moment which are good but I don’t like the way they handle in the wet. What profile are you running on the rear?

50 mate

Great tyres and had them on my last 3 bikes, now got Corsa 111’s and cant faukt them either, Gone from a 190/50 to a 190/55 on the rear and it turns in so much better

I’ve got the 2CTs on mine, much prefer them than the Corsa IIIs I get alot more feedback with the 2CTs and alot more grip. They’ve changed the compound on the IIIs since I first had a set a year ago (just changed another set of IIIs on the K7), they aren’t as good & I hated the way they wore into a big ridge where the compounds meet especially on the front tyre.

Love the 2CTs but be warned they are soft…very soft and pick up the slightest bit of crap in the road. Hubby had a nasty rear blow out on his the weekend, a brand new set that he had put on Friday. :crazy: I thought his exhaust had blown :laugh:

I lurv my 2CTs lol … sad ain’t I :stuck_out_tongue:

blimey ang, blowouts on a bike? - that doesn’t sound like fun:crazy:. did it blow on the sides or centre section? middle should be equiv to the old pilot power.i’ve got the 55 rear too. really like the diff in handling to the 50 myself

What 2ct’s you running, roads or powers?:slight_smile: