New TT computer game

I had high hopes for this. It doesn’t look great. 

That bit over Ballaugh just looks particularly poor

Imo, not many bike games are any good unless one has the patience to learn it with all physics options on. Otherwise, I always just end up running over the grass or cutting corners to win.

Now Road Rash… That was a good game :slight_smile:

I thought Tourist Trophy on the PS2 would be good. When I got it I selected a ZX10 and then when the lights went green I flipped it about 4 times then gave a bit less gas and made it to the first corner where I went straight onto the grass and low sided. I gave up after that. I’m glad real biking isn’t that hard.

Looks alright to me. Graphics look nice (at least on my phone). I’m still keen to play it.

Pretty graphics are always a bonus but it’s actual game play that matters.

Road Redemption looks good. Like a BCR with weapons.