New Triumph Scrambler 400 X & Speed 400

" Meet the Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X – the latest additions to the firm’s modern retro range, powered by a new liquid-cooled 398cc single and built in collaboration with Indian manufacturing giants Bajaj Auto.

The sub 47bhp singles class is big business globally – with key rival Royal Enfield shifting 3830 bikes of this kind across the UK alone during 2022.

Triumph, understandably, fancy a slice of the cake – with both new bikes producing a claimed 39.5bhp at 8000rpm. Available from December 2023, there’s no word on pricing just yet, but we’re told it will be in line with the rest of the class."

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Reckon they will put the engine in an actual dirt bike frame?

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Their range of MX bikes is coming next year if memory serves

I like these a lot. If they get the pricing right I think they’ll sell well

its not an MX bike i want, its a lazy 400 dual sport.
Like the DRZ, but not from 2000

Ah gotcha.

Triumph should have done this two decades back, smaller motorcycles to attract fresh blood into the brand loyalty pool.

Look out for an L plate friendly commuter.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that some older riders go on a similar journey but in reverse.

1000cc to 800 to 500 - as they get older and the weight of the bike becomes an issue.

So all the more reason to have something in around 400/500 cc…keep the existing Triumph riders happy too.

Win, win attract a new customer base and retain the existing brand loyal customers. Sometimes when manoeuvring The 250 in and out of the garage I feel the need for something lighter too.

Old age mate.

Plenty of old codgers runaround on Enfields and when you chat one of the attractions is that they are easier to ride and you are less likely to get into trouble on the road.

Happens to all of us - though some are nearer God’s waiting room than others :slight_smile:

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