New to London

'Ello all!

Just moved into London this weekend as Im attending St George’s Uni as a student paramedic :smiley:

Currently living in student halls in Tooting, moved here from deepest darkest Cornwall so its a bit of a culture shock and change of scenery!

Riding a YBR125 at the moment, because Im too skint to afford a DAS course, this whole going to uni thing is far too expensive.

Looking forward to attending some meets and getting to know some people as its a bit bloody lonely leaving everyone you ever knew behind to move halfway across the country!

Heres my baby, feel free to say hi if you spot me around! :smiley:


Paramedics rock :wink:

Whereabouts in Cornwall you from? I spent a few months there working last year. Loved it!!! it’s a cracking place.

Welcome to LB… :slight_smile:

Thanks chaps! :smiley:

Tiny little village called Porthleven, its just along the coast a bit from Penzance, so pretty much as far SW as you can get!

pic link corrected

At least its blue

Strange, I dunno why my link didnt work! Oh well cheers for correcting it :smiley:

Very Nice.

I spent a week working in Marazion, which is not far from there. We were Based in Perranporth but went all over Cornwall.

Welcome to LB and London, I’ve just got back from Cornwall (Newquay) it was lovely

Welcome to the madhouse that is London! I hope you’ll enjoy it here :slight_smile:

welcome =] cornwalls a lovely place i have some family down there so use to go every year this year i went down there on my bike the roads are bike heaven =]

Welcome, I’ve just graduated as a paramedic from Greenwich :cool:


I went for a job as a trainee ambulance technician with the Scottish Ambulance Service many years ago. Had a good interview and passed all the various tests until I had to put an entonox gas bottle together in the back of a moving ambulance while reading the instructions. I was so car sick that I gave up the whole paramedic idea!

Run… Run away as fast as you can, get out while your still sane .

Hi & welcome!



I live in Streatham and ride a YBR125 as well :smiley:

We should go for a little ride sometime?

I’m doing DAS at the end of this month.

Hi and welcome, look forward to seeing you on some ride outs maybe? :slight_smile:

Great news Lozzaroo, let us know how you get on with your DAS, good luck :smiley:

work permitting Ill definately be coming to some! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the smaller bikes “winter chiller” ride in November, it’ll be nice to go to something where I can actually keep up with people! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! What a great course to do, best of luck with it all! Londons a great place to be. Always something going on :wink: Enjoy it!