new to london bikers

Good evening London bikers,

I just wanted to introduce myself,my name is Dean and just over a week ago passed my a2 licence on my dr125 which i rode on l plates for a couple of years.

I picked up my new bike today which is an 09 plate kawasaki ninja 250r which was good fun but ran for home to tuck it up in the garage before the rain lashed it down.

hope to meet some of you at the meets and ride outs.

If anyone is looking to take their test in south east london i can highly recommend alan clarke motorcycle training.


Welcome to LB Deano.
Congratulations on passing! Don’t be put off by the rain, get out there (carefully) and ride. If you get used to the rain and wet conditions, I guarantee you, your confidence in the dry will be much more!
This is something that fair-weather bikers never get :wink:

at fooking last mate (joining LB):cool:

im really pleased for you. congrats too, nice bike

bigger pic of his bike-

FYI all, I know dean from Erith yacht club too. Like Del with the FJ1200.


And welcome.

hey what up deano. welcome to LB

Hi Dean & welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome Deano. Nice bike :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to LB deano. i like yer ninja mate. go easy.:slight_smile:

Sweet bike !

welcome to LB!

Welcome and well done Deano - lovely looking bike :slight_smile:

Welcome Dean, nice bike… I wanted to buy my boy one if he did his test before Jan. but he’s sticking to a car licence, even though we can’t insure him for under 3.5k?? So looks like he’s stuck on a Ped!:Whistling:

FYI all,b ]