New to London

Hiall… just a quickie to say hello on this forum…

Comparedto some I’m an elder statesman on this forum… started riding mopeds back in1972 when I was in the final year of school - a Raleigh runabout bought for £15(damn expensive at the time) was me first machine… At 17 years old after Icrashed bashed and thrashed all manner of mopeds, I was able to legally ride a250cc Suzuki GT on L plates… I passed my test 6 months later… back in themdays, there was no studying or exams, just turn up at the testing station rideround the block and if you didn’t run the examiner over when doing theemergency stop, you passed the test. Can’t believe how long ago that was, butsince I have owned around 55 machines, including some great classic Triumph’s, Norton’sand BSA’s … have a myriad of Japanese machines, Suzuki being my preferred Japbike manufacturer… Currently I own a Street Triple R, a Tiger 800XC and a 1959 6TThunderbird which is in the process of being restored by me.

Iam member of MAG, BMF, Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists, Rospa advanced Motorcyclists,the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club (TOMCC) and am a member of the Surrey TOMCCbranch. I also am a recent volunteer biker to the SERV charity which is how Ihappened across this site…

Loveriding me bikes in any weather except snow and ice, but one thing I have foundin 40 years of riding is that you just couldn’t get a better bunch of peoplethat you meet through biking…


welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB mate.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


hi ray, welcome to LB. nice write up. i had a suzuki GT250 ramair in 1977 and passed my test on it in much the same way as you. what a push over the test was then compared to now. lol. thats a nice stable you got there, i hope to see you on one of the many rideouts on here.

Welcome to LB …

Nice intro, thought I was reading about myself there. My Suzuki was a '71 T250R and it wasn’t every learners number one want for nothing. Managed to avoid running down the examiner, in the rain too, and passed my Category A test 12 weeks after my 16th birthday :smiley:

Hi Ray & welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Ray, & welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Its a capital J if you dont mind, moto-king. :slight_smile:

Thanks Moto-King for the big introductiion. Welcome to LB Ray, we think youi’ll find a mate on here called Road Captain, he’s really into your sort of stuff, he`s IAM, Rospa Gold and ribbons.

That aside he`s a nice guy.

OK is an understatement you whippersnapper. To correct your inaccuracies, I was born in 1922.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the welcome … it seems a damn friendly place to be, look forward to meeting you at some pointin the near future…

Kind Regards Ray

Welcome to LB Ray:) @ Jet’s “1922”:smiley:

Cheers :smiley: