New to LBC

Hi all, heard about this through my local boxing club. Someone called DayRelease, I think.

Was boxing last night, so really tired and I’ll keep this short.

I have a Ducati 749, wonder if there are many other duke owners out there?

I hear you meet up by Borough market - well that’s great for me as my GF lives in Borough and me in Bermondsey. I also have a C90 CUB which I use at weekends. 1987 model - so 22 years old! Do all the servicing on this which saves about £20/year. All my Ducati services are done professionally - which costs *more * than £20 year!

Richard Southgate

Hi Richard and welcome

Cheers, Carsten (900SS)

welcome to LB richard…

I wouldn’t admit to knowing DayRelease! :w00t:

welcome… :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: welcome to LB :slight_smile:

“more than £20…” Hehe

Our regular Ducaisti and BSB DVD reviewer (along with Pouty) is PJ who has a 1098 IIRC.

Come along to Borough tonight, I think he’ll be there, so you can compare mechanical horror stories! :wink:

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welcome fellow tambourine rider:P

Oi Cheeky

Hello and welcome

Yes boxing was a bit tiring last night, but its getting too busy now i don’t like it keep bumping into people.

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome m8, bermondsey boy here too. 4 squares.

Hi Rimmy, where do I go from here?:smiley:

Wouldn`t admit to owning a Ducati.:smiley:

Hi & welcome to LB:)

Welcome aboard! Nice bike!