New to biking, not to London!

I was glad to find this forum which is (primarily) London-centric, as I have been living here since I was born.

I’m (was?) epileptic, and it is only now that I can start to think of riding London’s streets, as I have been trouble free for over 18 months or so.

Just applied for a provisional online, but have to go through some rigmarole as some unspecified documents are required by post! Gah! So much for the paperless office. :doze:

I will probably do my CBT at Advantage in Wimbledon.

I’m looking forward to getting a Harley in about 5 - 7years, but am looking to start with something like a PS125i or SH125i (but am open to suggestions). My main use for a scooter will be short commutes and enjoying the freedom I am afforded by my own method of transport!:w00t:

I’d like to compliment the webmaster(s) on a lovely tight, clean site with relevant information and I look forward to learning becoming part of a friendly and forward looking community.

Welcome :slight_smile:

hello and welcome:D

Hey Garret, welcome to LB, and biking! You’ve been in an unfortunate situation with the epilepsy, I hope it’s behind you. I didn’t know that it could be cured or recede. You’ll get loads of help here, just ask away :slight_smile:

Hi an welcome aboard.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m really looking forward to it!
AFAIK, there is no cure for Epilepsy, but it can sometimes be controlled by living a regular lifestyle.
Some people just grow out of it.

I was advised to study the Highway Code whilst waiting for my Provisional to come through so that the CBT is made easier.
Anything else I should be doing?
Learning how to change oil/ effectively dodge wayward pedestrians etc.

CBT is easy, you only need to demonstrate the basic ability to start, stop and change gears, unless you’re on a twist and go in which case forget the gears. The hard bit comes after you’ve passed the test :wink:



Had a problem with my online registration for the provisional. I contacted the DVLA via their site, this was the response:

I can’t enquire online about an online enquiry. :doze:

Sounds like the DVLA :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Elite are also good for training depending where you hang out :wink: :cool:

hi and welcome

Thanks. They seem to be doing it for the same price as Advantage.
Is there a difference between them?


Hi dude and welcome.

Hey fella!

Welcome to LB and good luck with the CBT :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure who’s best- Heard lots of good about Elite though. My boy went there too :wink:

  • update * : as my signature shows, I have had my Provisional Licence with Motorcycle entitlement approved and it is apparently in the post! Hurrah! :w00t:
    Due to the earlier stated medical condition, it will be limited to 3 years, but it’s a damn good start.

I’ll be going with Elite for the CBT, but it’s a really long day! 08.45 - 17.30! Ouch.

Good on you! Why don’t you wan’t to try manuals?

Elite - good choice, they’ve managed to get me from zero to hero to succesful DAS in 4 days!

Hello! :slight_smile:

I did my DAS with Advantage … found them to be great with some very very good Instructors.

Hi there and Welcome To LB, glad to hear you have your provinisial in the post