New Suzuki K8 600

Link to a Pic of the new K8 600

I’ll have one in matt black please… (with a seven fiddy engine and a nicer 'zorst tho!)

Hmmmm… those lights/front end look familiar… tee hee

Doesnt look that much different to this years to me apart from the exhaust!

I prefer the K4/5 shape :smiley:

looks like a fookin honda!!!

lol…seriously tho…like the shape of the fairing…and the seat colour…but can this pic be trusted? it really official or is this a photoshop jobbie?

has anybody seen this anywere else?..

im gonna try and find it from a reliable source…



just phoned up the suzuki press office…its bogus i was told…

they havent released anything yet !!!

ohh well…


haha good old photoshop eh?..

Agreed Mark… K4/5 is best looking shape (sorry shane, ness et al)

They probably had to redesign it when they saw the stunner Kawasaki had in the 2007 ZX6R :w00t::smiley:

Believe it when I see it :slight_smile:

They would say that wouldn’t they!So is this real or 'shop?

i think it looks alrite!! not as good lookin as me k4 600 which i`m now keeping by the way and slarty wen will convert to the darkside m8 everyones knows zxrs look like great big bogies with wheels lol

well i am eagaly awaiting officail pics of the 2008 gixers, hope they get the sharp angles bk like the k4/k5

i like it! nice, :slight_smile:

The dark side ? Don’t you mean the blue and white side ? :stuck_out_tongue: Do Suzuki make any other colours ;):smiley: What’s made you keep your bike ?

They come in other colours but most of the sheep ride blue and white ones runs for cover, but probably not fast enough to avoid a kicking :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding guys, even I will admit to liking the ones in the latest black and silver colour scheme (but the rear indicators are a bit ugly) :wink:

Thats cos people in the know, know that the Blue/White ones are the fastest :wink:

Damn, I must have missed that physics lecture… explain how the colour makes it faster again :stuck_out_tongue: