New Stickers On Their Way :)

We’ve just put the order in for a range of new stickers to compliment the existing ones. We’ll have the new oval logo in small to large sizes (cars, vans, etc) and some other styles as well. They should be here in time for the Christmas Party :slight_smile:

Luvvly Jubbly :slight_smile:

can we have teeshirts with embroidered logo?

News T’s and other bits and bobs are coming soon…

ooo gr8 i jus put 1 of the lagerstickers on my back window of my car, hehe wonder what work would say if i stickered up ma lorry… if im allowed back that is

gr8, gr8!

Allowed back? have you been a naughty boy:P

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely your work lorry (a brewers drey) is covered in Lager Stickers;):stuck_out_tongue:

No not no more to reduce the risk of hi-jacking! and we are now part owned by dhl!!!


Hows that oil leak btw?

Yea specially at this time of year sum of the lorries can have up £1/2 a million worth of stock. bike all seems fine took it to bmm and back on weds and was out on it yesterday, strange?? triumph are gonna open her up 2moro n check on her.

Let us know how you get on mate:)

oh godd, i could do with another sticker on my topbox!! hehe