New Speed Camera A4 West between Hammersmith flyover and Hogarth Roundabout

A brand new digital Gatso has been installed between Hammersmith Flyover and Hogarth roundabout West Bound. When I went past today there was a chap doing final installation in the adjacent cabinet. There are new white lines also.

Be careful peeps, the scenario is that you come down off Hammersmith flyover (late at night or early in the morning) to an empty 3 lane stretch and hammer it. If you do that you most likely won’t be able to brake in time once you see it.

This has been a site for a long time and there have been lines painted on the road but no westward facing camera up until now.

The East facing camera on the other side of the road has just been upgraded to digital too and now sits on the left of the road instead of the right.

Keep them peeled.

cheers for the heads up Joby.


The new one on the junction between the Cromwell Road and North end road West Bound (Outside the famous 3 kings) is really easy to caught out. It used to be a red light only camera now it’s combined. As you pass big Tesco heading West everyone winds it up to 40, but you need to wind it down for this junction or you’ll get fined.

Glad I read this. I am heading that way tomorrow in the car to fetch a friend from T4 tomorrow night…

…and I’ve seen the one outside Tesco and the one at the North End Road junction go off many times! careful!

The two headed monster outside Tesco? The 2 new A4 West cameras can be seen on this video. The second one is well hidden.