New Silvertown tunnel

Bikers to be charged to use the tunnel!

Horrendous fees for motorcycles! Blatant money grab.

Someone explain why it’s free for Dartford crossing but £4 (edit: £2.50) each way for blackwall?

Its £2.50/£1.50/free for motorbikes, depending when you travel

Are they going to charge bikes for the Blackwall tunnel as well ?

Rotherhithe is going to get very busy.

The way I read it bikes will be charged in both, like everyone else.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rotherhithe starts charging too.
Though the ban on commercial vehicles means I’ve not gone through it in ages.

It’s in the article. Yes, they’re charged.

I’ve been using the Woolwich ferry recently, you can ride right to the front of the queue, have a nice 5 minute trip across the river and drive off first on the other side. Fri free.

There was a proposal from TfL (internal) to make rotherine tunnel EV only, I wouldn’t be to surprised if they did it because they know once you start charging for Silvertown and Blackwall tunnels there is a chance 30% will divert to rotherine

I’m lucky, my company have moved us out of London and outside the M25
They have shut three offices in London with a few more to follow
Now If I have to go into London I can put it on my expenses and because I mainly work on government contracts guess who will be picking up the extra costs