NEW RVF 1000

AMCN magazine has a “scoop” story about how Honda has just applied for the RVF trademark again.

The rumours are that this will primarily be to service the needs of the 2012 MotoGP privateer field using 1000cc production based engines, calling their 1000cc machine an RVF. They then speculate a potential road going RVF bike again, with accompanying digital mockups. The rumours continue, to say that they will kill off the CBR Fireblade and replace it with the road going RVF

It would be awesome news if true. Most folks here have said what they really want from Honda is a new V4 sportsbike and this could be it.


I would love it if they could do something like this again! :cool:

original colours

I’ve come over all moist.;):smiley:

wow, even for a sportsbike;) its nice

:w00t: wow wow wow!

The only RVF I saw was in a show room for £17k and that looked like a beast. But this…IS SUMMAT ELSE!


Paint the mirrors green then u got Shrek ears :smiley:

jamie com’on it aint ugly in the slightest :stuck_out_tongue:

And therein lies the catch, most people may love to own an RVF1000, but the whole point ofthe previous RVF750s was that they were HRC vehicles near-ready to go racing, so if this follows the same standard it’ll cost £20k+ so ‘most people’ will never be able to afford one!

However, if they do release it as a ‘normal’ litre sports bike it’ll be in direct competition with their Blade & I honestly can’t see them running 2 competing products especially in the current financial climate, so do they kill off what has become an iconic & benchmark name in sports bikes??

Then again if it’s from MCN, the whole thing is likely to be complete billhooks, especially at this time of year when they have nothing else to write about so try & pad out the paper with these alleged ‘rumour’ & artists mock-up style stories…

i might have to get one of those :Wow:

that bike is a winner :slight_smile:

FAKE :smiley:

Fireblade is going to be 20 years old next year and has become an iconic brand.

There’s no way Honda are going to kill it off.

I can only see a new RVF being used as a premium low numbers product in the vein of the Ducati Desmosedici RR.

People hoped a V5 road bike would be released by Honda during the 990 MotoGP era, but it never happened (despite there being a working prototype apparently).

As the market for sports bikes is going upmarket with the average machine now costing over 10k, Honda may feel that the market could support a high end premium product sold in limited quantity.

It would be nice if it happens, but I can’t see a Japanese company taking such a risk in this financial climate.

Good post Afro and youve hit the nail on the head. If it comes out (and only if) its going to be expensive. Its going to be aimed squarely at being that little bit better than aprillias RSV4. Honda have been involved with v4 engines for a long time, so its more than possible that they have developed a rocket. It ll be a 200+bhp machine costing £16k plus IF it materialises. But i wouldnt hold my breath waiting to see it this year !


Has the front any basis in reality? - or did the artist think ‘sod it, I can’t think of anything original, the front end of a Ducati 999 will have to to do’. And let’s face it - the 999 was never a looker (at least not for a Duke flagship sportsbike).

It’s an MCN article dude, none of it has any basis in reality!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it did become reality, it’d be a massively expensive toy - and probably still need the race kit to be quick, like the RC45
So, purchase price - minimum of 16k
Race kit - probably another 20k

Worth it ?

I’m like totally getting your drift regarding MCN! ;):smiley:

Hell yeah. Only a few k more than a 1198S so why not? Honda has had the blade and SP1/2 out at the same time, now the SPs are finished, why not have the V4…v4 power is the new inline 4. so to speak.

AAAAHHHHHHH hubba hubba!!! YES PLEASE!!!