New roof helmet for 2008

I remember reading in MCN about a new roof helmet you put on face first and dindnt have any straps??

anyone remember seeing this or have more info?


Having just done the First Bike On Scene day I’d want to see the post accident removal process myself. Some of the flip front lids were scary enough :crazy:

Like to see one if you find it :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this but I have got rid of the MCN it looks very good. I can’t find any reviews or talk of it on the tinternet but I’m sure someone will find something. Can only find the bamboo one they bringing out.

exactly my situation… :S

cant even find it on the MCN site… :ermm:

a strapless helmet? sounds like a recipie for trouble!

It’s not a new idea, I recall seeing a prototype strapless lid in Bike mag about 15 years ago.

I recall seeing the article in MCN for the new one, it was £400 IIRC

Maybe a good idea, maybe not, think I’ll let other folk do the crash testing first though & see how they get on before I consider buying one. :hehe: